Educators Innovate

Empowering creative, motivated, passionate teachers with the freedom and capacity to educate.

Ceiba educators welcome every opportunity to engage in learning and teaching while collaborating to ensure the best experience for each student. As a team, Ceiba educators delight in problem solving, consider each student’s unique needs and thrive in a small, closely-knit school environment.

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Students Achieve

Building resilient, educated, caring youth from the inside out.

Upon arriving at Ceiba, students enter an environment that ensures their demography need not define their destiny. From day one they are greeted at the front door with a handshake and the expectation that they are college bound. Ceiba’s positive and affirming school culture transform these students into scholars.

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Investors Impact

Supporting equality, excellence, and the vision of a bright future for Ceiba scholars.

Ceiba investors believe that every child deserves a quality education. They support a culture of high expectations, appreciate student achievement and deserve accountability.

It is because of the generosity of those who invest their time and resources that Ceiba scholars are able to achieve at high academic levels and grow as individuals.

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